UK Broadcast Transmission
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1949 Work started on site construction
1951 Tests conducted to compare AM and FM transmissions
2-May-1955 Station in full programme service
28-Aug-1962 Start of the experimental stereo transmissions using the Zenith GE  multiplex system
17-Apr-1966 The afternoon concert on the BBC Music Programme was broadcast in stereo - the BBC's first live stereo broadcast
Jul-1966 Start of stereo service on Third Programme
1968 R3 Stereo extended to Sutton Coldfield (21/7/1968) and Holme Moss (10/8/1968) - both fed re-broadcast link (RBL) from Wrotham
06-Oct-1970 BBC Radio London transmissions start on 95.3MHz
18-Dec-1970 BBC Radio Medway transmissions start on 97.0MHz
1972 PCM digital programme link from Broadcasting House installed to provide much better audio quality allowing stereo broadcasting by R2 and R4
Jun-1973 BBC Radio London changes frequency to 94.9MHz and BBC Radio Medway to 96.7MHz
1979 Plans are laid to re-equip much of the country's national FM radio service to improve reception on car and portable radios. Wrotham will be the first station to be re-engineered and a new mast will be required.
Aug-1980 Work starts on construction of new mast about 100m away from the existing mast.
Jul-1981 Mixed polarisation aerials by ADC installed on new mast
Oct-1981 BBC Radio London transfers to Crystal Palace
11-Dec-1981 New mast, aerials and transmitters in service | BBC Press Release
Sep-1982 Work starts on dismantling original mast
18-Dec-1989 Radio 1 FM stereo launched on 98.8MHz replacing temporary low power FM stereo transmitter on 104.8MHz at Crystal Palace
Sep-1992 The UK's first independent national radio station launches using frequencies between 99.9-101.9MHz. Transmissions from Wrotham are on 100.9MHz. For several weeks test transmissions consist of a recording of birdsong.
1994 Work carried out at Wrotham to allow synchronous operation with a proposed filler relay at Crystal Palace. After initial tests rebroadcasting R4 from Crystal Palace on 93.2MHz the service is extended to the remaining national networks from March 1995
Dec-2010 Addition of DAB services

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