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Photos by Mike Jordan (1959/1974/2004/2008) & Martin Watkins (1988) Page last updated: 2011-08-31

Crystal Palace over the years

Mike's first set of photos date back to 1959:

"The BBC's West Region extending mast vehicle and the London region radio link van at Crystal Palace, London, television transmitting station. The extending mast vehicle carries the aerial for receiving the 525-line 60 fields/second signals from Kingswood Warren. The radio link vehicle carries one of the receivers for these signals and a transmitter for passing these signals on to London Airport."

SHF TX and RX at Crystal Palace for OB from Nightingale Square for V.E.R.A. programme.

The next two photos were taken from the 450ft level of the tower in 1974...

We move on to 1988, and see that the Band I system has been removed and that - in the upper half of the Band I aperture - a four tier Band II slant skeletal slot system has taken its place, transmitting Radio London and - from 1987 to 1989 - Radio 1 on a temporary basis on 104.8 MHz.

Below the main UHF cylinder are visible the reserve UHF aerial panels installed during the 1980s.

And so we move on to 2004...

And finally this photo from 2008 which shows some work going on, again at the 450ft level...

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