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Photos by Jack Richardson Page last updated: 2023-11-24

Detailed photos - May 2023

Rosneath lies at the southern end of the Rosneath peninsula, atop Gallow Hill, bounded on the left by Loch Long (!) and on the right by Gare Loch. There are also the naval bases at Coulport and Faslane nearby. The site covers an area around the Firth of Clyde, which seems to be on the fringe of both Black Hill and Darvel. The main towns covered are Helensburgh and Greenock, but also includes Port Glasgow and Dunoon. The FM transmissions seem to get up the Clyde and into Glasgow pretty well.

Update list called for detailed photos, so hopefully here they are! The site is up a farm track, where there was work taking place when I visited. Not having the confidence to walk up the track, I instead walked down to and along the water, up a farm track, and back around to where I was parked at Portkil. Work having looked like it had finished, I walked up the track and got the close up photos. There are good views over the Firth of Clyde to the surrounding area. You could see the Erskine Bridge and Glasgow in the distance on the day I visited.

The changes at Rosneath since the earlier pictures from 2005, are DSO, B700 clearance and the addition of DAB. DAB service dates: BBC & Digital One, 1-Oct-2010; Glasgow, 29-Jun-2016.

According to the update list info, the UHF cylinder was replaced in October 2017 for B700 clearance.

Just below the UHF cylinder are these two north facing logs. According to the commentary on the previous page, they are designed to serve Rosneath town, 2 miles north of the site. They also provide a feed to the Garelochhead relay, 7 miles north of the site.

Troughs on Darvel. Post-DSO Rosneath is line fed for TV, these trough probably provide an RBS.

From top down - BBC FM antennas, DAB, Heart and Clyde 1. Cardioid UHF reserve antenna.

At 90m, these Kathrein band II panels transmit all of the BBC FM services. They face 30/120/210/300 degrees.

Band III panels at 85m transmit all three DAB multiplexes. They face 45/135/225/315 degrees according to Ofcom.

The original DAB transmit aerials for BBC and Digital One were at 41m. These panels date from when the Glasgow multiplex was added in 2016.

The antenna at the top is for Heart (80m), the bottom one for Clyde 1 (78m).

The reserve (S2) UHF cardioid transmit antenna on the right. The UHF log periodic on the left appears to be tilted at 45 degrees.

[Ed]. Rosneath was unusual in having a reserve UHF transmit aerial installed for DSO at what is essentially a tall relay station. Lancaster, a similarly tall relay, doesn't have a reserve transmit aerial, yet serves a larger population.

To the bottom of the mast...

Twin band II logs at 40m providing BBC FM receive from Black Hill.

I think this was the setup for Your Radio, which stopped broadcasting from Rosneath in June 2018. The 106.9 signal was moved to Helensburgh (East Princess Street) in August 2018.

The Sira on the left points north-westwards, while the yagi on the right might have been the RBL receive from the 103.0 MHz site at Dumbarton. Can anyone confirm?

What I think is the receive antenna for Heart and Clyde 1 from Black Hill.

The self-supporting tower must have hosted mobile phone antennas in the past but is now completely bare.

Not sure what this receive antenna is for? Pointing towards Black Hill.

Or this...?

Arqiva name plate reads site number 152.11

The second time now at a site in Scotland seeing a UHF cylinder up close. Unlike Lethanhill, there's no plant pot here.

Erskine Bridge


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