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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-06-22

February 2010

This seemed the obvious place to start our search for the elusive "Lochgoilhead AD". It isn't!

No real change compared with the earlier photos from Stuart MacDonald - perhaps a coat of paint and the Arqiva sign on the door

At the time of my visit we'd not been aware of the existence of the separate transmit site (see the May 2009 photos) nor did we stumble upon it

The relay is adjacent to one of the woodland paths and we went for a bit of a stroll - more of which later...

The tx antenna is about half way up - or is it? A later contribution shows the transmit array is located remotely...

At the top, the "string" has broken and what I'd assumed to be an AWL has been removed

A non-standard type of log, seen from a non-standard angle

All freshly painted. "Structure 1"? Well, it turns out there is another up on the hillside...

We followed the path up the hill a bit...

...and the weather changed...

...and changed again...

But still no sign of an Active Deflector, nor any red squirrels

Back at ground level, looking north from Carrick Castle. The relay is at the edge of the Loch and the active deflector is on the hill, more or less in the centre of the photo. See the Lochgoilhead AD page for more detail

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Lochgoilhead AD

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