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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2021-06-16

DAB added - June 2021

BBC National DAB entered service at Kingussie on 3-Mar-2010.

Two band III dipoles for DAB transmit. Also note that the UHF receive trough aerial has been replaced with a panel. This will have been required for 700 MHz clearance changes at the parent station, Knock More.

No change to the UHF transmit aerial panels

Three slant polarised, band II log periodics for FM Radio transmit. The aerial pointing towards the camera is facing roughly north-northeast, while the other two are both pointing west towards the village of Newtonmore.

FM radio receive comprises an array of four 6 element yagis on a separate wooden pole structure, slightly further up the hill.

Note that there is also a UHF yagi lower down. Although both band II and UHF receive aerials appear to point in the same direction, TV is RBL Knock More, while FM Radio is RBL Grantown. The difference in pointing angle between Knock More and Grantown is only one degree.

The village of Kingussie and the track up to the Tx site.

Ruthven Barracks (remains of), at the bottom of the hill. Also the A9.

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