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Photos by Dave Stanley Page last updated: 2021-05-27

Eitshal in July 2020

Some updated photos following a visit to the site in July 2020. Apart from the Arqiva mast, the adjacent WIG managed Hydroboard site is used by local station Isles FM.

The access track is passable with a car if you have the gate key. The WIG site can be seen to the left of the Arqiva building.

The Arqiva mast viewed from the Triangulation Pillar close to the WIG tower.

The Arqiva mast from the other side, near the main building.

A closer view of the top form the same position.

The WIG tower which is at the highest point of Eitshal. The four slanted dipoles used by Isles FM are on the top left side of the tower.

This is the view from the Triangulation Pillar.

The four slanted dipoles used by Isles FM. These have been in place for 22 years.

The UHF link antenna for Isles FM has been disused for several years, though does still look in good condition.

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