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Photos by Bill Wright Page last updated: 2012-12-23

Detailed photos - 2005?

Skriaig is the main transmitter on the island of Skye, but it can't be received in many parts of Trotternish, the northern part of the island. Trotternish is mountainous, and high ground intervenes between Skriaig and many of the populated coastal areas. Luckily Eitshall, the main transmitter on the Outer Hebrides, can be received satisfactorily at many locations along the northern coast of Skye. The signal path crosses 40 or 50 miles of sea though, so field strength is never brilliant and the slightest obstruction will prevent reception.

The villages of Staffin, Stenscholl, and Brogaig have some mighty big hills to the north-north-west, so signals from Eitshal are more or less non-existent. The Staffin transmitter fills the gap. Signals are received from Eitshal. Transmission is from an aerial that is largely non-directional, except for a null to the south. This is surprising because the target area is encompassed by an angle of less than 35 degrees. In other directions there is open sea or uninhabited high ground. I would have thought the traditional log-periodics would have been more effective

Bill commented: The first thing I noticed about Staffin site was this shiny new MMDS aerial half way up the mast. Well, I'm assuming it was MMDS. It didn't look like a professional broadcast quality item, being made largely from the thin wall 12mm square aluminium tube beloved of the domestic TV aerial industry, and secured with M6 'U' bolts. I saw another one of these aerials on a non-broadcast mast a few miles to the south. I'd love to know what they are for. Anyone?

Staffin's target area, as seen from the site

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