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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2020-06-07

Post DSO - March 2014

Bluebell Hill A and B have both had new UHF transmitting aerials for DSO.

The 5 Bluebell Hill towers. Left to right, S, a non broadcast tower, B, C & A.

Left, Bluebell Hill A. Right Bluebell Hill B.

Bluebell Hill A. New 5-sided UHF transmitting aerial.

Bluebell Hill A. Receive trough aerials pointing towards Crystal Palace still provide an RBS feed for the BBC multiplexes.

Bluebell Hill A. Receive Yagi pointing towards Dover. This was used for the analogue ITV programme feed.

Bluebell Hill B. New 4-sided UHF transmitting aerial.

Bluebell Hill B. DAB aerials for BBC, D1, London 1 and London 2.

Bluebell Hill C.

Bluebell Hill C. Still with its original C & S Antennas,
pole mounted omnidirectional circularly polarised aerial from 1984.

Bluebell Hill S.

Bluebell Hill S. Upper DAB aerial (41m) London 3, Lower DAB aerial (33m) Kent local.

Bluebell Hill S. Upper DAB aerial. London 3.

Bluebell Hill S. Lower DAB aerial. Kent local.

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