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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-01-17

DSO temporary array - September 2010

Seeing the December 2014 update reminded me I'd not previously submitted these photos taken one evening in mid-September 2010

The planning application for DSO work (09/02990/FL at Tonbridge & Malling District Council) included four tiers of panels on the "B" structure at 33m.

Although the planning documents don't suggest it was a temporary addition it seems the purpose was just to maintain services (or resilience) while the analogue cylinder was replaced. The space has now been cleared

From left to right: structures "C" (Invicta/Heart), "B" (interim DTT) and "A" (analogue)

The large SHF dishes on the "A" structure are understood to have formed part of the original BBC distribution to Dover (facing the camera) and Heathfield (facing left) with Crystal Palace received using the two troughs lower down. The most recent photos show the dishes have been removed

The temporary array consisted of pairs of panels on the north east and south west corners of the tower. Comparison with earlier photos shows some non-broadcast antennas needed to be re-located to make space

Screening panels were fitted on the faces of the tower, with the panels attached to brackets and aligned to 56, 146, 236 and 326 degrees

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