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Photos by Ben Smith Page last updated: 2012-12-10
Neath Abbey Neath Port Talbot
NGR: SS731980 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 83m      Structure Height: 12m
Digital TV: BBC A: 52 D3&4: 48 BBC B: 56
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Neath Abbey is a relay of Kilvey Hill

Ben writes: It was getting dark when I arrived at the Neath Abbey TX, but now armed with a decent SLR digital camera I continued undaunted...

This TX is located behind a school on an area of high ground to the North of Neath. The access road runs through the school playing fields, but there is also a footpath that starts to the south of the school and passes within metres of the structure.

It has two sets of TX aerials, two VP logs - one above the other - pointing Eastwards into the Neath Abbey area, and two pairs of horizontally polarised crossed log periodics pointing West and North-West, serving the area under the shadow of it's own hill.

The single RX log periodic is vertically polarised and pointing South-West at the parent station of Kilvey Hill, itself a relay of Wenvoe.

The station was built using both horizontal and vertical polarisation to provide coverage to the required areas. All antennas are fed from a single set of transmitters, the power being split equally between the two polarisations. The nominal ERPs for the analogue service were 8W (VP) and 6.3W (HP). At DSO the ERPs were increased to a nominal 10 watts in each plane.

mb21: Ben wasn't joking when he said it was getting dark. If you think the photos have a rather strange look to them, the image below shows you how much I've stretched the available contrast. On the left is the original image, on the right, the processed result! Actually, I think it works rather well...

Above and below: The target areas of the horizontal beams

The target area of the vertical beam. Sorry it's a bit dark - shine your torches out of the window.

Towards Kilvey Hill

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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