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Photos by Mark G7RJV Page last updated: 2021-10-16

Pictures taken March 2012 - Pictures of the site and view

I first visited Holme Moss back in 1995/6 time when it was still run by BBC Transmission. The site in the years since has changed in parts with the mast supporting new antenna for mobile phones and the new band II reserve antenna. I cannot remember DAB, so that could have come afterwards. At the time HM still had the remains of the north England monitoring centre (MIC) which I recall was in the slow process of being dismantled; most of that function by then at Warwick Technology Park.

Fairly large earthworks took place when building the site to expose more solid ground under the peat.

Mast light covers.

Possible amateur radio 23cm antenna.

Now disused enclosure with semi circle supports for the fuel tanks.

Not the same type as those on the mast, but these band II antenna have seen action.

My somewhat poor memory had the original mast concrete base was still in position and located to the left of the path going to the green double doors.

I have heard of these masts described as pinned structures. The whole mast sits on a ball, located between the bottom of the mast and the metal base plate bolted to the concrete plinth. The gap the ball is located can be just seen in this picture.

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