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Photos by Justin Cooke and Simon Linney Page last updated: 2013-12-28

Morecambe Bay started as a BBC TV, VHF channel 3, transmitter on 3rd December 1962. Closed January 1985. BBC FM radio was added on 29th August 1966. Two years later, Radio 3 was converted to stereo in August 1968. Radio's 2 & 4 went stereo in August 1973. Radio Cumbria was added on 25th May 1982.

BBC national FM radio was re-engineered for mixed polarisation and Radio 1 added 24th June 1991. ILR The bay started from 15th February 1993. Classic FM was added on 18th December 1996.

DAB service dates are: North-west, 27th September 2001, closed September 2013, Digital One, 27th November 2001, BBC, 15th April 2004.

The BBC national FM services are from the 'crossbows' at 53m. About 2/3 the way up. There are 4 panels stacked for the north-east direction (60) and 2 panels each, for the other 3 directions. 150, 240 & 330. Note, that these panels are not square to the mast faces.

The local stations are from higher aerials. Radio Cumbria at 77m while The Bay and Classic FM are at 67.5m. It's hard to see, but near the top of the mast there are two stacked FM yagis and 2 stacked DAB yagis pointing towards Lancaster (120). These are for The Bay / Classic FM and Digital One. BBC DAB is from the aerials on the cantilever at the very top. 81m.

Receive aerials on right of mast pointing towards Holme Moss

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BBC RD: The Service Area of the Morecambe Bay Television Transmitter (1963)
BBC RD: Transmitting Aerial for the Morecambe Bay VHF Sound Station (1967)

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