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Photos by James Furness, Mark Carver and Emma & Alan Cotterill Page last updated: 2018-02-25

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Manningtree was originally built in the days of 405 line VHF TV to improve reception of BBC TV in the hinterland between Crystal Palace (ch 1) and Tacolneston (ch 3). It operated on ch 4 and opened 22nd May 1962. The programme feed was originally by reception of Tacolneston (ch 3) at Wickhambrook and then via a GPO SHF link. This was later changed to a two hop, BBC self provided, 7 GHz SHF link from Tacolneston via Aldeburgh, once Aldeburgh had been constructed (1967).

After the closure of 405 line TV on 4th January 1983, the site was temporarily redundant (at least as far as broadcasting was concerned) but from 20th February 1989, the BBC decided to press it into service for VHF/FM national radio, and also for a BBC Local Radio AM transmitter for Essex.

BBC Essex had originally been planned on 558 kHz from a site at Little Waltham, but the presence of various well known North Sea Pirate Radios at various times on that frequency led the BBC to think again, and the current arrangement was the outcome.

So Manningtree has the odd distinction of transmitting two different local radio services on different wave-bands. Radio Suffolk from 12th April 1990. Radio 1 added 11th January 1994.

Mark Carver writes: "Visited on 21-Jul-03. The pole at the top is believed to have only recently been installed and seems to have Band III dipoles fixed to it." BBC DAB went into service on 1st October 2003, Digital One from 11th December 2003.

Above: The BBC Essex and INR MF aerial wires.

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VHF TV Manningtree coverage
The Manningtree TV service area

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