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Photos by Martin Watkins, Peter Vrakking, Peter Bigwood and Neil White Page last updated: 2016-01-26

General photos - updated April 2015

We have lots of detailed images of this site but here are a few views showing the original guyed mast and the free-standing tower together. The slant-polarised antenna at the top of the tower is at the same height (44 m) as the "middle" array on the mast

At the time of Martin's visit the site was managed by NTL as successors to the IBA...

...Neil found the expected Arqiva branding on his visit in April 2015

Peter Vrakking shows the view from west of the site. The mast in the centre is not only a MF radiator but carries three distinct arrays for Band II. The tower, centre left, was added for DAB and future site sharing. The smaller tower further to the left is not part of Blunsdon but a separate mobile phone tower nearby

Peter Bigwood's photo, above, was taken to the south of the site. By this time the tower had been extended but it appears the two dipoles and slant-polarised antenna had not been added to the top - so the photo was most likely taken in 2002

In this April 2015 view, Neil is to the east of the site

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