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Photos by Rupert Fennymore, Andy Bettger and David Foord Page last updated: 2017-05-22

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Part of an old mix polarization aerial which had a melted end to it - had it been hit by lightning?

Rupert says:
"Our exploration of the site was cut short when a man had pulled up behind our car and wanted to get in - and we were obviously blocking the way. We casually walked back to the car and explained what we'd been doing. He then asked if one of us was "this Mike Brown", we said no but explained the connection. I then asked how he knew of you. He explained that he'd seen the web site and found it amusing how anyone could find a burnt out dipole interesting."

This photo shows what might look like some sort of track. It is in fact the cable ducts running from the mast to the various buildings on the site. A dislodged cover stone allowed us to the next photo which shows some of the feeder cables. I'd say that the large cables to the left of the picture are approximately 6 inches in diameter:

Wrotham is home to the region's maintenance team.
Here we see part of their stock of mast brackets and spares!

Well, hi to the maintenence team at Wrotham, who will no doubt see this esoteric collection of photos and be further amused!
Obviously there are people who find these photos interesting, and to be fair, it's not often you get the chance to see a Band II tx dipole up close, burnt-out or otherwise - they're usually a hundred or more metres up in the air!

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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