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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2022-10-19

February 2015 - DAB

BBC DAB entered service in January 2015. We were alerted to the new installation during the autumn of 2014 by a tx-list contributor, with the comment "may need photographing from a distance due to other obstructing antennas"

As seen on approach - the DAB installation is on a new cantilever at the top of the structure. The main FM array is a long way down in comparison

At close quarters it's difficult to see the new addition, but maybe we can do better? No obvious changes to anything else since my visit in August 2010

One of the dipoles is for KMFM - Ofcom data says 40m AGL and the tower is 47m according to the planning application, so most likely the lower of the two?

The planning application was for dipoles but the installation has been upgraded to 2 x 5 element yagis somewhere along the line

This is the best view I could get close to the tower

The main Band II array is down at 27m

At ground level the DAB feed dish. The planning application suggests the transmitters would be in the main building...

...but there's a new-looking enclosure tucked in behind

We're really not far from the coast

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