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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2015-07-12

DAB added - July 2015

BBC DAB entered service on the 30th November 2011.

My approach to this site was to park at the start of the forestry track at SN790076, with around a 35 minute walk to the top. Ystalyfera is only about 300m from Varteg Hill and this 55m tower is visible from early along the walk. The 17m lattice pole of Varteg Hill only comes into view when you are very near to the top.

Top - 2 tiers of crossed band II folded dipoles for the FM radio transmit.
Lower - 2 tiers of 5 element Yagis for DAB radio transmit, pointing north-east and south-west.

DAB transmit aerials viewed from the sunny side. Left pair of Yagis are pointing south-west, right pair point north-east.

DAB satellite receive dish.

Site compound. Note the nearby Ystalyfera tower visible on the right of this picture.

The band II folded dipoles. An unusual arrangement with the crossed elements mounted on a 45 inclined boom. Keen observers might also notice that these are not the same folded dipoles as those in the photos taken by the two Davids. These folded dipoles have rounded ends. They were replaced at the same time as the DAB installation in October 2011.

Band II log periodic used for receiving Carmel, which also appears to be new. It's mounted further forward from the structure and doesn't have a round cap at the front.

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