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Photos by Sam Dale Page last updated: 2013-09-17

New pictures September 2013

Sam writes:

The current pictures of Ashkirk looked a bit out of date so I had a trip up the other day to take some new ones; unfortunately the weather had dulled over a bit by the time I got there but hopefully they aren't too bad.

On the way up to the mast (the access road is very broken up in places).

Almost there. Note the guy wire blocks are now all fenced in. This hasn't been done at Selkirk,wonder why this work was deemed necessary at Ashkirk ?

The site appears a bit tatty,it needs some new paint on the doors !

Looking at the old pictures, the diesel tank appears to be gone but we have gained a new cabin.
Lots more signage too.

We get a closer glimpse of the site,note the two sets of RBL aerials facing Black Hill.

A close up of the RBL logs facing towards Black Hill. Note the use of both vertical and horizontal polarisation for diversity reception.

Just above the buildings is this dipole,looks about Band 3 size, does this function as a off-air monitor of DAB from Selkirk ?

The VHF/FM array.

The view south towards Hawick.

The view east towards Berwick.

The view north towards Galashiels.

The communications masts on Meigle Hill can just be seen along with Long Park wind farm.

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