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Photos by Mike Smith Page last updated: 2018-07-06

Photographs taken in May 2011

We visited Fort William for a short four day break in May 2011. Sadly the weather was almost unremitting rain, wind and mist. Never the less I braved the rain and took a close up shot and a few scene setting shots of the Fort William VHF/FM radio relay site.

The striking thing about this VHF site is that it's not on a hill, in fact it is very low, on the waterside of The Great Glen on Blàr Mòr. It is pretty much at the same level as the town of Fort William itself at what must be about 30 meters a.s.l. The nearby transmitting sites of Trislaig and Cow Hill are, on the other hand, at 291m and 287m a.s.l. respectively.

Close up shot of Fort William

Fort William VHF as seen from the waterside in the town.

A slightly wider angle shot from the same waterside viewpoint in the town.

Lastly the nearby Trislaig site as seen from the same waterside viewpoint as the previous shot of Fort William VHF using the same focal length lens.

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