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Photos by Colin Dalziel, Peter Bigwood and Marshall Renwick Page last updated: 2015-09-09

BBC 405-line TV on channel 4 entered service on 12th October 1955. Closed January 1985.

FM radio went into service on 29th March 1956. Conversion to stereo was in December 1980, and re-engineering to mixed polarisation was completed in May 1991.

Radio 1 was added on 1st October 1990, Radio 4 on 4th October 1990, Classic FM from September 1993, NECR on 23rd May 1994 and Radio Nan Gaidheal on 25th July 2003.

DAB service dates: Aberdeen, 22nd November 2001; BBC, 17th February 2004.

The photo above [slightly retouched] was taken by Colin Dalziel and shows the original aerial arrangement at Meldrum. Note the super turnstile Band I (ch4) aerials at the top and the "standard" 8 tier cylindrical slot aerial for Band II. Colin recalls that reception from this site was difficult on the southern side of Aberdeen: " I remember we had a 3 element folded yagi for the Band 1 and still the pictures were grainy!!"

Band II RBS aerials. Upper horizontal pair on Forfar, lower vertical pair on Durris.

The aerials for NECR are just below the main BBC & Classic FM 8 tier band II panels, on the right.

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