UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by John Warburton Page last updated: 2014-12-17

Photos from 1991

Radio York launched on the 4th July 1983, Minster FM on the 4th July 1992.

This first page of photos was taken in 1991...

At the junction of three roads stands the Acklam Wold mast.

On this misty afternoon, very little was visible, but normally one has a stunning view (in this direction) across the Vale of York to the Pennines. York Minster is easy to spot, as are the many power stations in the coal fields of North, South and West Yorkshire

The antennas shown above are the reason for this mast's construction. The two vertical folded dipoles at the top of the mast are the radiating elements connected to the VHF transmitters.

When the rig was first built Radio York operated on 90.2 MHz, so these aerials were swapped for slightly smaller metalwork for the big local radio frequency switch of 1986.

Here is a view from the ground of the aerial rig at the top of the BBC's Acklam Wold mast as it was in 1991.
The two Radio York transmitting aerials are almost invisible at the top and, close beneath them, is the colinear aerial for the Radio Car talkback transceiver. Under this are two PMR aerials.

At the base of the mast, you can see (on the nearest leg) the trunking containing all the aerial cables, together with the strap for the lightning arrestor.

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