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Photos by Peter Bigwood and Paul Andersson Page last updated: 2014-02-28

Crabwood Farm is actually a more significant site that it first appears. It formed the SHF mid-point between the IBA's Crawley Court and Chillerton Down. The IBA's regular weekly programme of Engineering Information Announcements would have been fed through here on their way into BT's ITV network distribution as was the IBA's first (experimental) digital programme link in 1984.

Many other IBA tests also used the site. A Microwave direct to home distribution system (MVDS?) was tested, and it may still form an important function with Arqiva today.

The first service transmitted from Crabwood Farm, was Ocean Sound from 6th December 1987 on 96.7 MHz. Win 107.2 followed in 1999 and Original 106 from 1st October 2006. DAB service dates are: Digital One, 25th August 2000; South Hampshire local, 7th January 2003; BBC, 29th July 2004.

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Sending television signals by digital links - a first step
Winchester ILR coverage area map

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