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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-09-15

September 2015: new DAB array

As previous contributors have discovered, the DAB antennas are slightly elusive, particularly if the approach "drive to site access point" is used...

We understand that originally the BBC used the lower array at 103m, with D1 and the local MUX sharing the upper array at 107m. The newly modified array is, however, now used by all services

Here's an almost complete view of the tower - but no obvious trace of DAB antennas

A planning application in 2007 for one of the previous DAB installations suggests the site is still managed by the MOD. The planning decision was that "prior approval" was not required - therefore there are no applications relating to the subsequent changes

Across the field we can see concrete blocks which would have supported another tower. Within the compound we can just see a ground-mounted dish and one of a small number of equipment enclosures, just to the right of the tower

(Unlike Dunkirk and Swingate the former Chain Home structure is not listed)

Near the top of the tower is a group of four 5-element yagis, newly installed. They face directly towards us and are almost invisible when seen from this direction

Other DAB antennas are on the opposite face of the tower and completely hidden!

From slightly further away we can see more detail of the 4x 5-ele yagis (outlined in green) and the rear of an array of dipoles on the opposite face (outined in blue). The upper array of phased dipoles has been retained (outlined in red)

With good light and nothing to obstruct the view it was possible to capture different detail from other directions. There seem to be two main feeders and two power dividers mounted inside the tower but it's not clear whether the split is into upper/lower (main and reserve) or one feeder for the dipoles and the other for the yagis

The yagis face roughly south east and the new dipoles are on the north east face - the older phased yagis are oriented slightly further to the north

Further round again (to the west) and the new array of four dipoles with screening is visible - this is in the aperture previously used by the lower set of phased dipoles

No apparent change to the main array on top of the BT tower next door - but the rotator has been turned at some point in the last five years!

The pair of dipoles below look to be a recent addition but are probably not broadcast-related

No change to the other (Kiss) Band II array either

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