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Photos by mb21 and Ian Terrell, G4JXZ Page last updated: 2015-02-21

The Zouches Farm tower is situated on Blows Down at the end of the Chiltern hills between Luton and Dunstable. There are very few places from which it is possible to get a good view of this tower as it is situated on a private farm and surrounded by trees.

ILR Luton (Chiltern Radio) launched 15th October 1981. BBC Radio Bedfordshire, as it was originally, transferred from Luton on 29th August 1988.

This picture was taken by mb21 from the top of Blows Down - a climb which is well worth it for the views.

In 2002 Ian Terrell obtained permission from BT to take these close-up views showing the two large "Hog-Horn" microwave relay antennas. He says: "These are becoming increasingly rare now, with most links using Parabolic reflectors."

Ian returned some time later to obtain updated views when the horns (and some dishes) had been removed.

As you can see the removal of the horns makes the broadcast aerials more visible.

Finally, a shot of the horns, now without their covers, on the ground.

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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