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Photos by Dave Stanley Page last updated: 2021-06-01

September 2019 - Addition of second frequency

MFR and Caithness FM had shared the 102.5MHz frequency for more than 20 years. In 2019 a second frequency was added to allow the stations to operate separately.

The yagi receives the MFR service from Mounteagle. During this visit the plan was to change this antenna and install new dipoles for transmit at the top of the tower. The weather had other ideas though and the antenna work was delayed. It was eventually finished in November.

The original Jaybeam dipoles which are now removed.

Some sort of material had been attached to the top of the tower for unknown reasons. there was not much left of it.

The 50MHz yagi which has been disused for some time and should now have been removed. The new microwave link antenna is visible below it. There was also a single 50MHz dipole on the tower which has also been removed.

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Tx aerial replaced by two dipoles on a cantilever at the top of the main tower. 50 MHz link replaced with 5 GHz.

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