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Photos by Martin Watkins Page last updated: 2014-08-19

Maintenance Work August 2014

We were alerted to the fact that work was being carried out on the BBC FM Local Radio/DAB aperture so a visit was undertaken. Three additional Band II aerials have been installed below the BBC aperture, although it wasn't immediately obvious what if any arrangements had been made to ensure the DAB service during the works.

The maintenance work is being carried out to replace corroded screening and parasitic elements on the radio aerials.

Sounds of power tools (angle grinder?) being used were audible throughout.

Here's the reserve aerial system, but it was only after going through the photos at home that the DAB aerial was spotted....

.... and here it is, a single dipole with reflector screen; in the photo above it's on the left and has got its back to us.

The angle of the sun was most unhelpful, but the DAB aerial can be seen on the right this time and facing towards us.

Winching gear

Base anchor point for the winch. In case any of us need to build our own it seems that for an attachment point 500 ft up you really need at least four blocks of concrete each weighing 600 kgs. Good to know for future reference.

In the background the two huts for the third tower on Caradon Hill (wasn't it for sale a few years ago?) Anyway, presumably a buyer wasn't found because all that's left are the buildings and the concrete base.

The GPO/BT tower is still there, although it carries far fewer aerials than in its heyday.

In spite of the countless times I've been up to Caradon Hill I've never noticed GCHQ Morwenstow before; it was exceptionally clear on this occasion.

North Hessary Tor over to the east

Looking out over the English Channel to the south

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