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Photos by John Staniforth Page last updated: 2021-12-21

April 2006

Chedington is beside the A356 road, not far from the Rampisham short-wave station. There are 4 masts at the site with the broadcast mast to the left away from the others. The Somerset ILR service (originally Orchard FM), is transmitted on 97.1 MHz to southern parts of the county and adjacent parts of Dorset. This comes from the pair of vertical folded dipoles near the top of the mast and gives a 20dB null to the south and east to protect Wessex FM, Bincombe Hill on 97.2 MHz. The 3 element Yagi lower down the mast appears to be for the RBL from Mendip. This transmitter entered service on 22-Jun-1990.

This is a very good site at 250m aod. and gives excellent coverage well outside its intended area. When listening on my car radio, it will sometimes flip to 97.1 up to 30 miles away, when the main Mendip station on 102.6 is screened. On the other hand the null is so effective that you lose the signal completely within a few miles when travelling towards Dorchester.

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