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Photos by Bill Wright Page last updated: 2014-09-21

Sept 2014

Bill visited the site in September 2014, on a rather misty day. The pictures describe the rather sad dilapidated site Chillerton is now. Of course in the 50s, 60s and 70s it was the main VHF site for the Southern TV region, and the ITA's regional control centre.

Three tiers of Band II panel aerials can be seen here. The top two tiers are only on the north west and north east faces, and also contain interleaved DAB dipoles. These tie in with an Ofcom figure of 214 m agl, (DAB (block 11D) & FM 105.2 & 106.0 MHz).

The bottom single tier however has four faces distributed evenly round the mast. Ofcom has an agl of 190 m for 103.2 MHz, but we seem to be looking at a "real" height of about 209 m agl, assuming this is the 103.2 MHz aperture.

A Sira is visible bottom left. The Ofcom agl height for 107.0 MHz is 206 m with a power split of 0.02/0.08 kW, surely the hallmark of a Sira!

(picture taken from the south west)

The long Yagi (observed damaged in the Sept 2011 pictures, now repaired/replaced)) was (maybe still is) the reserve antenna for 103.2 MHz; in the past it's been used for an hour or so every six months during maintenance. 103.2 MHz uses the top tier of panels as its main antenna, with the main beam towards Southampton and a null to the south-east.

Oh dear

Spectacular walk down..

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