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Photos by Mark Carver, Max Freer, David Foord, Keiran Grace and Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2020-10-26

Earlier photos

The ITA station at Chillerton Down - on the Isle of Wight - opened on 30-Aug-1958 transmitting Southern ITV's VHF 405-line signals to the South of England, on channel 11 using vertical polarisation from this 750 ft mast.

Above - photo taken from an ITA Year Book showing the site at the time of construction.

Campers are apparently not welcome at the Chillerton Down site!

Below: our first main photo was taken by Mark Carver in the early 1990s. It shows the two BT SHF dishes at the top, which at that time formed a telephone link between the UK and the Channel Islands. - the receive station on Alderney is probably line-of-sight from the top of the mast. The dishes were removed about 5 years ago, and presumably replaced by a fibre optic link.

The only broadcast use of the mast at that time was Southampton/Portsmouth ILR service; Power FM. The array can just be seen between the two dishes and our more recent shots show it still there unmoved.

Below: our next two photos were taken by Max Freer in 2004...

The next four pictures were taken by David Foord

The two pictures below were taken by Keiran Grace

Above: the Rowridge site some 3-4 miles to the north-west (photo by David Foord again)

Finally a couple of aerial shots from Robert Whittaker:

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