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Photos by Martin Watkins & Mark Carver Page last updated: 2011-10-13

September 2011

Having "done" Crystal Palace (see relevant page) and managed to achieve a reasonable alcoholic haze at a conveniently situated pub, our intrepid mb21 trio (Messrs Carver, Whittaker and Watkins) braved the streets of Upper Norwood and made their way on foot to Croydon.

The ch 5 aerial at the top, with the reserve UHF aerial for the other four channels below.

Above - the radio aperture. According to the Ofcom parameters, all the FM services except 102.2 MHz come from the upper four-tier system (146 m agl); this suggests that the remaining lower three-tier FM system (135m agl) is exclusive to 102.2 MHz with its different HRP, and it looks as though the top tier of this section radiates the HP component while the bottom two tiers radiate VP. A somewhat unusual arrangement?

A good array of DAB antennae (128 m agl) completes the radio section, apart from......

....what looks like a reserve system of two Siras and a two tier DAB system, preusmably firing principally at London (left hand side above).

We're not sure what the two DAB-like aerials (apparently slant polarised) are on the right hand side.

Also lower right hand side of this shot, two UHF yagis, and pointing in the same direction, two UHF logs. Possibly monitoring feeds for Hannington ?

The 102.2 MHz system in close up.

No less than four steerable microwave receive points, on the London side of the tower.

The top one is titled Continental Microwave and the third one down bears the ITN logo.

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