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Photos by James Muir Page last updated: 2021-09-12

Addition of BBC Tees - September 2021

Following the major fire at Bilsdale on 10 August 2021, BBC Tees FM coverage has been reinstated to the Darlington area from 8 September 2021 with the installation of a temporary transmitter on 104 MHz.

BBC Reception are naming this site Beaumont Hill.

General view of the site - at first glance no significant changes from the earlier Tx Gallery photos.

Further round and two new band II aerials come into view. Near the top on the right hand side a Sira aerial and about halfway up on the left a 4 element yagi.

The new Sira aerial on the right.

This 4 element band II yagi has been added and is likely to be receiving the
BBC Tees programme feed from their temporary transmitter at Eston Nab.

The elaborate crossed yagis for the previous mixed polarisation service for Rathergood Radio on 103.2 MHz, are still in place just below the top of the tower. This ILR service (now called Sun FM), relocated their transmitter to Darlington (Harrowgate Hill) in February 2018.

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