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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2013-05-01

July 2009

In the 25 years since I was here as a student, the University of Kent has expanded somewhat, but Eliot College is one of the original buildings.

CSR is in part the successor to UKC Radio which in my day operated on 999kHz using a loop around the roof of each college. Rediffusion pairs linked the buildings to a central transmitter located in Eliot. This was supposed not to radiate beyond the site boundary - in practice the coverage around campus was patchy. In those days news was received off-air from LBC via a yagi on the roof.

In the 1990s UKC radio moved to 1350kHz using a Radica LPAM installation - the disused monopole was still in place in 2011.

CSR also has studios at Canterbury Christ Church University, which is at the bottom of the hill. The two sites are linked via the universities' IP network, which has apparently presented a number of technical challenges.

The antenna is round the corner from the main entrance to Eliot College, on the north wing of the building. Although the radiation pattern is presumably omnidirectional, the site is not quite at the top of the hill. Other buildings on campus, and woodland beyond, limit coverage to the north. There is, however, a good "take off" to the south, across the city and beyond. The presence of LBC (97.3) limits coverage to the west.

The view from the campus towards the city and beyond.

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