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Photos by Dan Glover (and Peter Bigwood) Page last updated: 2016-08-05

August 2016 - DAB trial

The main "broadcast" history for Fort Widley accompanies the previous photos. The story continues in 2015 with a "Small Scale DAB Trial" for the Portsmouth area which initially operated from Highbury College and moved to Fort Widley at the end of January 2016. Operating as "Solent Wireless" the licencee is Angel Radio Ltd who were awarded a new CR licence in June 2016 for an FM service which plans to share the main Band II array at Fort Widley (the existing Havant CR licence will be surrendered once the Portsmouth licence is on-air, apparently).

Fort Widley has a Parade Ground on the top level - it seems the transmitter equipment is somewhere in the building underneath. Comparing with Peter Bigwood's earlier photo no significant changes, though I did not match the perspective.

From a different direction - no change to the Band II Lindenblad array and the "down fire" UHF antenna on the right was there before. The small SHF panel does seem to be a new arrival, as is the short white antenna which re-uses an existing support.

Ofcom data is not helpful, giving us 28 m for both the Band II array and the DAB antenna...

In the previous photos there was a longer (green) vertical in this position - see below.

Solent Wireless provides a coverage map suggesting an omni-directional antenna is in use, with coverage to the north being limited by terrain, however the support stucture would also be expected to create a null in that direction.

I am not 100% convinced...but there didn't seem to be anything else "new" which might have been a DAB antenna.

Does the DAB trial antenna occupy the position of the green end-fed antenna? Maybe someone will know...

Certainly a good site for coverage of Portsmouth

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Solent Wireless coverage map

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