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Photos by Mike Smith Page last updated: 2018-09-15


Here's a nice, obscure one from Mike. An odd looking squat, dumpy tower which makes me think we've got the aspect ratio wrong, but we haven't!

Kingdom FM launched on the 5th October 1998 from this site and another at Knock Hill. Transmissions are from a mixed-polarisation array. The Tayside DAB multiplex commenced service on 26 September 2002. Details of the antenna arrangements are given below.

(Editor's note: this is one of the BT microwave sites, known to them as "East Lomond". The dishes once linked Kirk o'Shotts to Craigowl and thence towards Aberdeen and beyond and at one stage would have carried the programme feeds to the main television stations on the east coast of Scotland.)

The array for Kingdom FM consists of one vertical and two horizontal dipoles (right hand side). Ofcom data gives maximum ERP on bearing 170...

...the DAB arrangement is unclear as Ofcom data shows a broad cardioid pattern to the north - useful given the position of Purin Hill within the multiplex coverage area. However the "null" is only 6 or 7 dB and the effect of the tower on the radiation pattern from a single antenna would be much greater.

The large dish at the bottom left faces Kirk o'Shotts and the one on the right towards Craigowl (just east of north) therefore it would seem likely the phased dipoles on the right provide the main DAB coverage...

...and these 5-element yagis perhaps provide some coverage "behind the tower"?

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