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Photos by mb21 Page last updated: 2021-10-13

May 2006

The ILR franchise here in SE London has been through two frequencies and three incarnations, first as RTM, Radio Thamesmead, then as Millennium FM and now as Time. When RTM first opened it was on 103.8 which put it co-channel with BBC Radio Bedfordshire (now BBC 3CR, do keep up!) from Zouches Farm, Dunstable. With Shooters Hill being such a high and effective site this meant those of us who had become accustomed to listening to 3CR in North London began to have problems. The interference was obviously mutual so I imagine this was why the station was eventually moved to 106.8

Being just about the highest spot on this SE London ridge there are several towers up there and I arrived at the site very late one summer evening without the exact NGR or, for that matter, a map, so I wandered around in the gathering gloom photographing all the likely suspects! When I got back I worked out what it was I'd actually done!

I've had to artificially lighten most of these shots and Paintshop Pro has actually made an extremely good job of reducing the noise this brought up.

This is the tower with the broadcast aerials.

... and here, just out of interest, are a few of the other shots I took that night...

This tower is built on the top of a building which, if I recall correctly, is a police establishment.

The familiar London Canary Wharf skyline from Shooters Hill

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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