UK Broadcast Transmission
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Site layout and station history

Some key service dates:

21/10/1929 London Regional Programme, 842 kHz, 30 kW.
9/3/1930 National Programme, 1148 kHz, 45 kW.
15/1/1934 Frequencies changed. London Regional, 877 kHz, 50 kW. National Programme, 1149 kHz, 50 kW.
1/9/1939 London Regional programme replaced with the Home Service on 668 kHz, 50 kW. National Programme replaced with European Service on 1149 kHz.
February 1940 New 140 kW STC transmitter brought into service for European Service on 804 kHz.
Autumn 1941. New 15 kW STC transmitter added on 200 kHz Long Wave for European Service.
29/7/1945 Home Service frequency changed to 877 kHz, Light Programme launched on 1149 kHz.
29/9/1946 Home Service (877 kHz) transferred to new 500 ft mast. Mast F.
15/5/1950 Frequencies changed to Home Service, 908 kHz, Light Programme, 1214 kHz.
29/9/1956 Home Service 500 ft collapses during re-tensioning work.
October 1962 New transmitter for the Light Programme on 1214 kHz. Replacing original 1929 Tx.
30/9/1967 1214 kHz re-assigned to Radio 1.
2/9/1972 Radio London added on 1457 kHz, 20 kW.
20/12/1974 Radio London power increased to 50 kW.
23/11/1978 New transmitter for Radio 1 on 1089 kHz, 150 kW. Radio 2, 909 kHz. Radio 3, 1215 kHz, Radio London frequency changed to 1458 kHz.
27/8/1990 909 kHz re-assigned to Radio 5
28/2/1992 Radio 3, 1215 kHz closed.
1992 GLR, 1458 kHz closed.
30/4/1993 INR 2 (Virgin Radio) launches on 1215 kHz.
1994 Sunrise Radio added on 1458 kHz.
30/6/1994 Radio 1, 1089 kHz closed.
14/2/1995 INR 3 (Talk Radio) launches on 1089 kHz.
30/8/2002 London 3 DAB
23/3/2007 Digital One DAB

Brookmans Park index

The service area boundaries of the London, Midland, North and West regional transmitters (BBC RD 1935)
The proposed erection of a Wincharger mast at Brookmans Park (BBC RD 1943)
Brookmans Park aerial system (BBC RD 1945)
Interim report on Brookmans Park 342m mast radiator (BBC RD 1947)
Provisional Instructions - The London Regional Broadcast Transmitter (1929)
General Construction and Layout of Transmitter
Blueprints of the London Regional Station
"Useful data" about the 1929 transmitter system
Brookmans Park - Pictures and Memories - Peter Gutteridge
The London Twin-Wave Broadcasting Station, A Descriptive BBC Souvenir 1930
A History of Brookmans Park Transmitting Station
Brookmans Park from the air

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