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Photos by Neil White Page last updated: 2020-04-04

Photos taken July 2018

This is a site I have been meaning to visit for some time now, especially as my parents live two miles away. The weather on the day was quite favourable. Trying to get to the site, well that was another story. Fortunately, there is a new housing estate being built two fields away and a right of way exists from this estate.

The single mast from the bridle road

Closer view

Mast base. The field was very difficult to walk through as the crop was above knee height and the field had been ploughed at some point.

The equipment building together with many receiving aerials. The white satellite dish I believe is the BBC distribution for Radio Nottingham's now closed feed. The band II aerial is for reserve feed from Fishpond Hill site. Not sure what the black dish is for (unless it is a reserve feed for talk radio)

Site identification plate, with no number.

Clipstone village is in the middle of the North Nottinghamshire coal field. driving through the village it was pleasing to see the old winding towers where still there standing proud. This is the view from the path outside the equipment compound.

Clipstone index

Fishpond Hill

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