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Photos by Mike D Smith and Neil White Page last updated: 2015-12-02

April 2010: DSO changes, updated October 2015

Mike Smith found the rx yagi had been replaced and a telemetry dish added

Neil updates as follows: "Whilst on Holiday my wife and I managed to find a number of transmitter sites. This site serves the pretty little port where the TV series Doc Martin is filmed and the local fishermen often are found singing in the harbour area. The site is located on the edge of a couple of 1960s housing estates. Very little has changed since the last set of photos were taken."

DSO preparation seems to have included re-painting the equipment enclosure

The yagi, around half way up the pole, has been replaced by four "toed-in" logs at the top. The VSAT dish is behind the pole, at low level, and the compound fence seems to have been replaced

The object to the right and parallel to the pole is connected to the new logs, to combine the signals. The four short stubs at the lower end could be some form of filtering?

No apparent change to the tx antenna, but it's clear in this view that the dipoles are irregularly spaced, presumably to provide "down tilt"

The new VSAT dish

October 2015: a different perspective as seen on approach from the public footpath

No change to the transmit or receive arrays...

...nor to the VSAT dish...

...but someone has come along with a couple of Arqiva stickers

Neil notes that the pole is actually two sections spliced together and held with two braces and that this is an economical way of gaining the required height

Editor's note: it also means we didn't have to wait for a tall enough tree...the original receive yagi was mounted just above the splice

The view from the southern hill towards the harbour. The relay is just right of centre where the skyline starts to fall away

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UHF tx aerial replaced August 2018.

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