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Photos by Mark Carver Page last updated: 2017-11-03

Photos and site info by Mark Carver

North Hessary Tor was originally built by the BBC as the site used to bring VHF 405-line television and VHF radio to much of the SW peninsula. Links at the foot of this page lead to BBC papers discussing the choice of this site over others that were considered, including Horner Down near Totnes and King Tor Halt, just a little SW of NHT itself.

Its primary function today continues to be the provision of VHF FM radio to that area but the first picture of the mast shows the two small yagis [indicated by the arrow, below] which are used as the transmission aerials for the low power UHF television relay at the site.

The UHF TV relay station serves the nearby town of Princetown and the Prison.

NHT was slightly unusual in that it was built to a greater height than normal for the diameter of mast that was specified. Originally there were six stay points, but when the site was re-engineered for Band II mixed polarisation the highest set of stays were removed, along with half the section of mast between stays five and six, approximately 15 m. This was to accommodate the extra loading of the 24 new crossbow Band II aerials.

Previously for Band I TV on ch 2 there had been only four vertical dipoles on the top section between stays five and six, four tiers of single dipoles facing roughly SE. Sadly my only photo of this arrangement was lost many years ago. (Martin Watkins)

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