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Photos by Martin Watkins Page last updated: 2011-05-01

More Photos - January 2006

Finally - blue skies and sunshine.

Appropriately in shadow, the prison lurks beneath the Tor itself.

Those cross-bows are showing considerable signs of weathering after 17 years at this damp and windy site.

The dish points at Stockland Hill, and received (maybe still does) the PCM radio feed originating on a BBC link from Wenvoe via Mendip. It was never part of the BT PCM network, being BBC maintained, and is thought to have continued in use even after Energis took over the national distribution. In addition the dish was used to send BBC 1 South West programmes to Stockland Hill during the regional opt outs.

Dartmoor ponies no doubt make for stimulating company when working on site.

The far stay block originally would have had two lines running from it; the mast as originally planned had stays at the very top.

I reckon the one on the right is an experienced connoisseur of BBC sandwiches.

The TV relay logs, and a battered UHF receive aerial, probably monitoring Beacon Hill at a guess.

On the left, in the middle distance, the summit of Kit Hill is marked by an old mining chimmney, and in the distance, Caradon Hill, with BT tower and ex-IBA mast.

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Caradon Hill

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