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Photos by Alex Lakey Page last updated: 2016-07-14

Original Mast

Virgin opened this site on 11-Nov-1993 as a city filler on 1233kHz when it was decided that the existing network on mainly 1215kHz needed some of the holes filled. The site and equipment was owned by Virgin Radio and operated / maintained by Alice Soundtech. There were 5 sites like this (Swindon, Boston, Gatwick, Lydd and Pirbright (Guildford). Virgin later shared 3 of the sites with TalkSPORT.

Gatwick was taken off air 2 years ago (as the105.8FM service in London covers the area, and the CAA wanted the area back for use by the airport) - TalkSPORT moved to Duxhurst.

Virgin turned the sites over to NGW International in 2001 as part of the renegotiated 8 year MF contract...

The site was moved a few hundred yards as the lease at the Thames Water works was up for renewal. Thames Water were extending the filter beds at the site and hence a new site was built to make way for their works.

The mast and stays were all scrapped, the cabin was reused and can hold another 2 services if required (the old mast and filters would not accept a combined feed effectively). The new mast is substantially better and allows wider bandwidth and the ability to combine additional services at a later date.

The site operated at about 150W EMRP. Works started in June 2001 and was completed in 2003.

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