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Located at the Rampisham HF (short wave) transmitting station, this UHF TV relay is on one leg of one of the HF towers right beside the southern perimeter fence of this site. To get to it you have to go about half a mile along a rather muddy public right-of-way that skirts the station and you have to look carefully at the towers to find which one has the relay station. A bit like trying to see which elephant has the flea on its side from 100 yards.

The UHF relay entered service in December 1986. The HF site entered service in February 1941.

There are 4 sets of antennas on the left side of the left tower just above the trees. Look very carefully and you will see them.

The transmit antennas. Unusually these are horizontally polarised - maybe to minimise
interference from Weymouth that uses the same channels with 2kW ERP from about
20 miles away. Possibly also Winterbourne Stickland a bit further away with 1kW ERP.

The relay station does not cover Rampisham but rather the valley to the south of the station.

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