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Photos by Ed Rixon, Manx Radio Page last updated: 2018-11-15

August 2015: DAB and updated receive antennas

Ed sent some photos of the DAB installation which led to a brief discussion about the TV receive arrangements - and further photos. Many thanks for the additional information and making a return vist

An omni-directional antenna has been added to the existing "tree" mast for the BBC DAB service

The satellite dish for the transmitter feed

Editor's note: it was at this point that I contacted Ed since the two logs which were located on the pole to the right of the cabin had been removed...

...Ed responded with two more photos and commented: since the earlier photographs, the pair of stacked receive logs have been replaced by a pair of bayed logs. The replacement pole is at the opposite corner of the site to the originals but the array is still used to receive signals from Jurby

Also Ed has clarified the purpose of the logs visible on the "tree" (in the background): "The logs at Ramsey are all for receive and are pointing at Jurby – however they have “evolved” since DSO following various interference issues. The ones on the tree mast aren’t used but are still there – they were the MK1 installation"

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