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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2019-08-03

New S2 aerial - July 2019

For 700 MHz band clearance the S2 aerial system at Beacon Hill has been replaced. mb21 doesn't believe that the S1 had to be replaced but the top has been modified with the addition of an abseiling frame.

The Beacon Hill A transmit aerials.

The S1 with abseiling frame added at the top. I don't believe that this aerial has been replaced for 700 MHz band clearance.

The new S2 aerial system.

ILR transmit.

This was the aerial system for the interim DTT services. Now unused.

Trough receive aerial facing Stockland Hill.

The former Home Office tower, Beacon Hill B, which transmits BBC FM and DAB radio.

At 85m is a single vertical band II dipole which transmits the 4 BBC National FM radio services. This dipole faces east.

Lower down are the band II panels (75.5m), transmitting R.Devon with an omni-directional pattern. Then two sets of band III DAB aerials. Ofcom data indicates that the upper panel at 71m, with 4 dipoles of the left of this picture transmits both BBC & Digital One. There are no dipoles on any of the other faces. Maximum ERP is radiated at 340°. The lowest set of band III dipoles at 68m, has two tiers on both the left and right of this picture. It transmits both the local multiplex (Southeast & North Devon), and the Sound Digital multiplex.

Low down on this tower are two band II Yagis pointing towards North Hessary Tor for the BBC National FM radio programme feeds.

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