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Photos by Rod Duncan and Lee Lewis Page last updated: 2018-02-28

August/September 2011

Lowestoft UHF is located on one of the many buildings of the Lowestoft Sixth Form College in St. Peter's Street which is curently well-equipped for mobile 'phone antennas.

Installation began at with a climbable pole and feeder cable tray, to which the transmit antenna - a 'digital cardioid' - was added shortly after. The planning application included a single log periodic lower down the new pole - but this failed to appear.

The cardioid has maximum ERP on a bearing of 230 degrees (southeast, approximately) and the equipment is located in an existing shared users cabin on the north side of the roof.

On a subsequent visit Rod located the receive antenna - it has been placed on a short pole near to the equipment cabin.

Rod says the site will serve the low-lying areas of the Waveney estuary, Lake Lothing and Oulton Broad, but is likely to be very much a 'last resort' for most.

The building is currently home to a Self Help relay (active deflector) which has its own page.

View of College building from St. Peter's Street.

The climbable pole which was installed early in August.

The yagi on the left of the building is the receive antenna for the Self Help installation using this site.

Above: Lee Lewis sent this photo with the comment "Cardoid antenna installed today 06/08/2011"

Below: returning to the site in mid September Lee has provided this close up of the cardoid installation, but there is still no sign of the log periodic receive which was expected to be installed underneath.

Rod visited again at the end of September. Here we see the installation from Rotterdam Road and the mystery is (mostly) solved. From the left: H3G cabin, "shared users" cabin (which houses the relay) and the RBL log. The transmit antenna is on the far right.

Crop from long lens of the RBL log periodic.
Some nearby college 10-element contracts would appear to disgree over the direction to Tacolneston.

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