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Photos by Nick Tucker and Peter C Page last updated: 2021-12-08
Coombe Devon
NGR: SX928736 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height:       Structure Height: 17m
Digital TV: BBC A: 24 D3&4: 27 BBC B: 21
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Coombe is a relay of Beacon Hill

Updated July 2016

This is the smaller of two relays in Teignmouth, just half a mile apart. This is necessary due to the awkward topography of the town and the provision of a service to low-lying areas of Shaldon on the other side of the Teign estuary.

Since Nick Tucker's visit, the Coombe relay mast has gained three Vodafone 2100 MHz antennas and a microwave link, which is most likely for the cellular backhaul. The installation provides 3G coverage for a large surrounding area. The UHF TV receive and transmit antennas appear exactly the same.

As seen from the road in 2016

Peter provides us with some recognition tips: "The Vodafone 2100 MHz panels are mounted on a small additional section bolted on top of the existing tower.

The panels are recognisable as Vodafone because of their design with rounded top and bottom and as 2100 MHz due to the noticeable 'slot' one third up from the base with only two feeders (their 900 MHz panels have the 'slot' near the base and two feeders, meanwhile the dual band (900 MHz and 2100 MHz) panels, while having the slot in a similar position one third up, have four feeders).

This style of panels was once used on very many installations but they are being replaced for newer, more multiband, models to support 4G LTE rollout."

Coombe was originally an IBA landlord site which entered service on 14-Nov-1984.

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