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Photos by Michael Curtis. Page last updated: 2014-01-06

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This NGW TV transmitter is located in Sidmouth, Devon.

It is a relay of Beacon Hill.

What is perhaps forgotten today is that this is a very long-standing BBC TV transmitter site, originally entering service in April 1968, to bring a better 405 line Band I signal to Sidmouth and the valley of the river Sid. Comprising a single wooden pole, there were three three-element horizontally polarised Yagis transmitting NE/SW/NW on Band I channel 4 and - lower down - a single three element vertically polarised channel 2 RBL aerial on NHT. VHF television ceased in January 1984.

A 25m tower was built for UHF TV entering service on 16th August 1983, with 3 channels. Channel 4 was added the following month, September, once Channel 4 had started at the parent site, Beacon Hill. Of course the fact that Stockland Hill serves most of the area on UHF better than NHT ever did on VHF, it's not surprising that there was less urgency to install a UHF relay.

DSO 8th and 22nd April 2009.

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New BBC DAB antenna 24 m agl

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