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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2012-03-17

December 2011 - Kane FM and pre-DSO

The main reason for this visit was to document the addition of Community Radio station Kane FM but this was also an opportunity for a final record of the pre-DSO configuration

Kane FM transmits from the new folded dipole on the left - well below the level of the existing FM services

A Band I link appears to be in use

Stepping back a bit everything else is much as before, but the former "Home Office" tower to the right is relatively empty...

This log, low down on the "back" of the tower, seems to be aimed at Midhurst

A general view of the broadcast antennas. The interim DTT array consists of three shrouded logs at each level - two crossed and another firing through the middle...

...which looks quite strange from some angles.

The two vertical logs lower down are believed to be part of the MIMO trial. The horizontal logs are the analogue feed from Crystal Palace.

Kane FM has just sneaked into the photo, bottom right.

Another view of the receive logs, with the vertically polarised MIMO pair on a slightly different bearing.

A look at the Band II receive arrangements before leaving site. Originally Guildford was a direct relay of Wrotham but we understand the feed may have been switched to Crystal Palace, presumably the VP log was added as part of this change.

It's possible BBC Surrey may take a feed from Reigate under certain conditions - but this is effectively in the same direction as Wrotham.

The six-element yagi is a bit of a mystery: it seems to be for approximately 150MHz and "Home Office" radio schemes used vast numbers of these for links. However there was a separate tower next door for the emergency services - now cleared following the closure of their analogue systems. Was this one added to the broadcast site due to "overflow" and just left in-situ after closedown?

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