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Photos by Mervyn Mugford Page last updated: 2017-09-01

August 2017: DAB installation

I noticed Braunton was on the update hit list. Though it's fairly near me, I hadn't actually been there. So as the weather was fair, and the views from the top are quite rewarding...

The Devon multiplex entered service on 10 February 2016.

As is commonly used, two dipoles vertically stacked on an extension at the top of the tower. Ofcom data shows the maximum ERP just west of south - bearing 210 - in contrast to the TV relay.

The DAB cabin with the cones. It's a very narrow lane to get up there, the vegetation has taken over and access isn't great. They must have had fun getting this in.

There is no satellite dish. However, both the small SHF dishes in the bottom right seemed to point in the same direction as the RBL log, i.e. to Huntshaw Cross, so presumably that is the programme feed.

(Editor's note: yes, Huntshaw Cross provides SHF links to a number of DAB sites in the area.)

Telemetry uplink dish lurking in the undergrowth.

The vegetation has taken over since Phil's photos, though this is summer and his looked to be winter, with bare branches.

I had to park some way away so it was a bit of a hike getting up there, but there are some great views over the Taw estuary. The buildings in the centre here are the commando base RM Chivenor. This was formerly an RAF training station. Hawker Hunters flew from here in the 60s and 70s.

Huntshaw Cross on the horizon.

Some of Braunton though this area is unlikely to benefit from the relay, well TV anyway as they would be in the shadow of the hill. Anyway this area has line of sight to Huntshaw Cross.

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