UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by mb21 and Neil White Page last updated: 2016-01-26

DSO changes: June 2009, updated September 2015

mb21 returned in June 2015 to document DSO and other changes. Neil White visited in September 2015 reporting that the site is on a hillside road above the village with good access

In this view the service area is to the right and Redruth is on the hill behind

Again we see the addition of a satellite dish for telemetry transmission.

Things seem to be different on the ground too...

... though the changes are not immediately obvious.

Portreath clearly gets lots of sunshine - the red text on the sign has completely faded. Unfortunately not much was in evidence at the time of Neil's visit in September 2015

No change to the transmit array - but the top tier of mobile phone panels has been removed

From another angle, plenty of empty feeder supports...

...also an empty "ladder" below

I wouldn't recommend using the log to support the dish, though it would probably take the weight. They are, of course, on separate legs of the tower

Neil: "With the camera on a dry stone wall I managed to get a line of sight shot of the Redruth transmitter." (The rx antenna is in the top right hand corner)

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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